• But talk to them first they might recommend an exercise therapist to help you fight arthritis using very specific exercises. . Both build strength and endurance. Arthritis doesn't like exercise and if you can find a way to exercise you just might find so comfort in those joints that are causing you so much pain. For instance sitting in a chair with your legs bent. It prepares your muscles for the activities you have planned to do. This is a two fold process that increases resistance as well as help you build cardiovascular. Strengthening exercises are very good ways to build up muscle around the joints as well as increasing the blood flow throughout your body.Exercise and arthritis are two very opposite ends of the spectrum. The cardio exercises that are extremely beneficial for arthritis pain are: walking, biking, swimming. You'll be surprised at how well it will help reduce your joint pain. It's the blood flow that really helps stop that joint and arthritis pain for me. Flexibility is often referred to as Range of Motion (ROM). By walking in the pool you are strengthening various large muscle groups around your hip, knees and ankle joints. If your knees are bothering you and you have access to a stationary bike, try this. If your Electric Motorcycles Factory knees and hips are really bugging you, a simple leg lift in bed will do wonders to increase your blood flow before your feet hit the floor. Something as simple as pulling your knees to your chest can greatly increase your chances of getting out of bed without much arthritis pain. If you want to beat arthritis at it's own game, then begin a flexibility program. You can add more resistence by holding a 5 pound dumb bell when there is no pain associated with bending your elbow and shoulder. Resistance exercises are what you are looking for. When you have pain, use some other part of your body to increase the blood flow, heart rate and lungs. Daily stretching is most beneficial, but don't think you can replace flexibility with other forms of exercise. This same movement will also help your hips get ready for a weight bearing day. Mornings are a great time to begin your range of motion exercises. Arthritis wants your joints to freeze up and not move. Hope you have a pain free week. As we discussed earlier, walking in a pool is also a great way to decrease the pressure on all your weight bearing limbs. Lifting weights is an obvious choice for a resistance exercise, however there are other ways. If you strap on only 5 pounds and do the same thing you've really got yourself a good workout. It doesn't matter how much my back or knees hurt, by the time I'm walking up that thing for 5 minutes my body stops hurting and blood is flowing fast. We call this leg extensions and you don't need a health club to do that. Using gravity only, that will help build your muscles around the knees. The upper body also moves quickly to help you walk in the water faster. The 3 main components to exercise and arthritis are: Flexibility (range of motion) Strength (resistance) Cardiovascular (endurance) I'm sure youre doctor will agree that flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness would be beneficial for your. That constant pushing against the pedal with your legs will begin to build muscles around your knee joints and many other places. It's the slow process of stretching and pulling those muscles that will make arthritis mad. Personal favorite exercises for arthritis include: *Walking on flat surfaces *Walking up hills *Riding my bike when my back doesn't hurt and the temperature outside isn't to cold. The less you move your joints the better arthritis can take over your body. Key point to remember is to hold your stretch and don't bounce up and down. You need em both. WARNING Never start an exercise program for arthritis without first consulting your doctor or health care provider. Before you do any type of exercises, stretching is the critical first step. *Walking in pools *Chasing the kids (grandchildren) in the back yard There are a lot of different things you can do that does not require purchasing a membership at the local exercise club. Another good resistance exercise for your arms is to have them straight out in front of you and by simply bending the elbow bringing your hand back to your shoulder works wonders. Exercise and arthritis in my humble opinion is a mind set and if you get into the habit of doing some sort of exercise on a daily basis, it will help reduce your arthritis pains. Located behind our town is this hill that I love to walk up. Start lifting your legs until your leg is fully extended. Remove the seat, sit on the floor behind the pedals and begin peddling with only your arms and hands. It's that blood flow that really drives arthritis crazy. I also include in my regular meals supplements that target arthritis symptoms and pain. Even lifting your arms up and down over your head will enable to shoulders to fully stretch and strenghten. Riding a bicycle is a good resistance exercise. Any type of bending and stretching is a very good exercise for arthritis. We like to do a lot of walking in water with athletes who are coming off surgeries and progress them along to finally walking and biking. The key benefit to a stationary bike or a bicycle, is the fact that you will be able to increase your blood flow to every joint of your bodyand and build strength in your arms or legs. I know there are times in a day when your arthritis really hurts and that is not a good time to consider exercising. However, there are times in the day that you know are best, would be a very good time to start implmenting some exercises. As you know, cardio exercises are also beneficial to your circulatory system (heart/lungs).

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